upon waking from strange sleepwalking dreams of a blind battle on a cloud and submerging a burning sword for safety, you recall that your friends, the twins, had invited you over for... something. you notice, however, that enemies stand in your way and the twins seem to have locked themselves in their bedroom. after defeating those that interfere, one of the ladies explains that a wolf has stolen away her sister and, more importantly, her Gameboy. vowing to return with it (and her), you set off, mowing down the evildoers. with the ground thoroughly searched, you realize you will have to use the lessons of your dreams in real life and use your waking experience in lucid dreams, if you are to secure the units necessary to find the Gameboy and "What's-Her-Name?" ....and so much more, like some deal about an "Octoforce" or something like that. you can't be expected to know how everything works, can you?

HowHigh is a customized video game, based on The Legend Of Zelda. the structure of the quest is similar to the original Nintendo game, but nearly every sprite and many of the functions have been changed. most of the tiles are custom or at least modified. the enemies are a little bit different than you are used to, as are the items.

IN ORDER TO COMPLETE ALL OF THE MAIN OBJECTIVES OF THIS QUEST, YOU PROBABLY NEED TO PLAY IT USING ZELDA CLASSIC 1.90! a few of the other versions make the hardest enemies at least twice as hard (and nearly impossible to beat) and other versions may make some of the objectives impossible to complete or get you stuck in a way that forces you to play again from the start or a previous save file, so don't use builds other than 1.90 unless your computer just plain can't run it. other 1.9s and then 2.5s are the next best options and are likely to work pretty well. 2.1s won't work at all. Zelda Classic 1.90 is a DOS program, so your computer needs to be able to run DOS games to use 1.90. after you have chosen a file/character name, pressing "alt" twice brings up a navigation menu window that allows you to browse in order to choose which quest file to load into the game program. I suggest using a controller and not the keyboard. I also suggest you set the controller up when the popup menu first allows you to. if you downloaded a copy of the quest before July 6th, 2014, get the updated version linked below.

here are the files* you will need:

if you cannot run Zelda Classic 1.90, know that the game may not work perfectly -- it should work well enough -- and try:
or try a newish version of Zelda Classic and save progress in several files due to a risk of having progress lost to staircase jams.

*the game is free. I don't profit from it and, by downloading, you agree not to, either. some of the tiles were ripped from other games, but almost all have been uniquely modified. any perceived trademark is parodied or unintentional. if you have a problem with the game, don't download it and/or delete it from your computer. any possible adverse effects to your computer (and the systems networked with it) that may be the result of downloading and executing the file are your risks that are to be remedied at nobody's expense beyond your own.

feedback has been key in the decade-long (and counting) development of this game. while I still do not consider this thing to be totally finished (expect a few more updates for atmospheric custom music and better cross-version compatibility), previous versions earned the quoted words that follow from players.

v: “this quest is awesome....very funny....full of wonderful colors and original ideas....surprises....beautiful"

f: “this is a strange quest....a really interesting quest....addictive....pretty hard....requires one to think outside the box a bit, and that's a good thing....very creatively done....darn good”

s: “incredibly clever....took a bit of thinking and skill to complete, and while it was difficult, it was never impossible”

t: “one of the best quests I've played in a while....great overworld design....coupled with fantastic gameplay”

p: “one of my favorite quests....stretched the limits....maintained the difficulty....fun"

y: “the tiles are amazing”

i: “good concept”

m: “interesting”

j: "great"


the rest of this page contains details that you may or may not want to see before playing. if you want to keep the "plot" progression and unique items as surprises, don't read on.


here's a chapter summary (the titles really do say a lot about the content of each chapter) listing all items received except the map, compass, key and completion symbol from each chapter (each has each):

1 – SandBox:
Wooden Boomerang
Herb Jar And Spoon
Wooden Sword
Glass Bowl
Wooden Arrows

2 – SplashDown:
Blue Lighter

3 – FireWall:
Absorbing Shield
Medium Wallet
Blue Giants Cap
Cold Metal Boomerang

4 – BullsEye:
Stone Sword

5 – TimeBomb:
Medium Bomb Belt
Large Bomb Belt
Purple Lighter
Cold Metal Arrows

6 – WhirlWind:
Right Turquoise Glove

7 – HeatStroke:
Red Giants Cap
Left Ruby Glove
Flamethrower Fuel
Deflecting Shield
Hot Metal Boomerang

8 – HighHead:
Cold Metal Sword
Large Wallet
Grappling Hook
Snorkel And Mask
Hot Metal Sword

need more help? what follows are some tips based on questions I have received from people playing the game.

-don't be scared off by level nine
-look for a prize and a door on each screen
-stopping time can be dangerous
-pay attention to what people tell you, many messages won't be repeated
-seek alternate entrances
-progress West
-hotstepping moonwalking agility may be required
-the chapter titles and the name of the game are relevant to your progress

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